As a finishing construction company Beddeleem has more than 70 years of experience in the total interior fit-out of office buildings, utility buildings and work environments.


As a manufacturer, Beddeleem specialises in the design, production and installation of relocatable partitions, ceilings, door systems and project furniture.


New - JB PURE 100

Transparency without compromising on comfort, i.e., a glass wall of 49dB.

JB PURE 100 is a double glazed glass wall with a thickness of 100 mm.  The used aluminium profiles make a sleek impression but still accommodate the necessary building tolerances.

JB PURE 100 provides an answer to current acoustic requirements in the office world and does so brilliantly.

Product material
Product properties

Project highlight


Jochen Daneels, commercial director: "Beddeleem has an almost unique position in the contracting world by being both a manufacturer (of relocatable partitions, false ceilings, climate ceilings, doors and furniture) ánd a class 8 fit-out contractor at the same time. The successful completion of the total renovation of the Brussels WTC III tower for the federal public services BOSA, BELNET and BELSPO on behalf of the Buildings Agency strengthens our belief that we can provide absolute added value for the client".

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